Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to invite you to the 2020 International Society for Eye Research (ISER) Biennial Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The scientific quality of the ISER meeting is consistently ranked in questionnaires after the meetings as being outstanding. ISER 2020 offers a wide range of topics from very basic eye research to translational ophthalmology.
We expect to have a scientifically exciting and very large ISER Meeting this year with 116 sessions on 12 topics that also include new topics such as “iPS cells in Ophthalmology” and “Ocular Physiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics”. Among the themes to be emphasized are “Retinal Neuroscience and Development” and “Epidemiology of Eye Disease and Global Health”.
ISER 2020 is also a platform for bringing together researchers on specific topics which are often interdisciplinary in nature.

Another main goal of ISER is the promotion and support of young investigators. The meeting offers activities to enhance networking between young investigators and creates opportunities for young investigators to interact with experienced scientists. Also, in 2020, ISER aims to provide approximately 60 young investigator travel fellowships.

ISER brings a very high level of research, innovation and discovery to countries all over the world and is the platform for you to interact, form collaborations and greatly enhance our research enterprise.
We are proud that ISER 2020 will take place in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. With over 10 million people, Buenos Aires has a cultural eclecticism that distinguishes it as a grand metropolis.

The 2020 meeting promises to be a memorable scientific event for this intimate gathering of eye and vision research professionals – join us in Buenos Aires!


Nicolas and Haydee

Program Chairs and Local Organizers

Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD, FARVO

Neuroscience Center of Excellence
School of Medicine
L.S.U. Health New Orleans

Haydee Bazan, PhD, FARVO

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
and Neuroscience
LSU Health Sciences Center